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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the video packages DVD’s?

No, everything available on the site is a download, whether audio or video, there are no hard copies. Each package will specify its contents, including videos, PDF charts etc, all of which can be downloaded.

Why won’t my files download to my iPhone/iPad?

Unfortunately neither iPhone or iPad support downloading in this way, the files will need to be downloaded on a laptop or desktop computer.

Why won’t my video files play?

They will need to be downloaded first, onto a desktop or laptop computer. All video files are in standard MP4 format and once downloaded will play on any PC, Mac or Smartphone.

Where are my files?

When purchasing a product you would have inputted an email address. A confirmation email is sent to this address and in it will be the links to the files contained within any purchase. Please check your email junk folder if it cannot be located in your inbox.

Can I use any backing tracks I purchase on my own YouTube performances?

Yes, this is fine, and a mention of would be much appreciated!

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