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  • Genre: Rock Fusion
  • Level: Advanced

What's included

  • 3 Tracks: ‘Waves’, ‘Erotic Cakes’ & ‘7evens’
  • Full Video Performances
  • Video Track Breakdowns
  • PDF Charts
  • PDF Breakdowns/Transcriptions
  • MP3 Backing Tracks with click
  • MP3 Backing Tracks without click

‘Erotic Cakes Part 1’ – Pete Riley

‘Erotic Cakes Part 1’ features three tracks from guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan’s critically acclaimed first album ‘Erotic Cakes’. All audio tracks are taken from the original recordings and the tracks included are ‘Erotic Cakes’, ‘7evens’ and ‘Waves’.

Drummer Pete Riley played on the album and here presents a detailed breakdown of all of the key parts along with full track performances. The package also includes both a chart and a transcription of Pete’s actual performance of each piece along with backing tracks, both with a click and without.

The tracks should present a fun and musical challenge to any serious drummer with their unique arrangements and interesting grooves and fills.

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