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  • Genre: Rock Fusion
  • Level: Advanced

What's included

  • Performance Videos
  • Walk-Through Lessons
  • Backing Tracks, with and without clicks
  • Note-For-Note Transcriptions
  • Overview Video

Erotic Cakes Part 2

This three-track video package is the second instalment from the Erotic Cakes album and features ‘Wonderful Slippery Thing’, ‘5ives’ and ‘Ner Ner’. The package features performance videos of all three tracks, walk-through lessons breaking down the key grooves and fills, backing tracks-both with and without clicks and note-for-note transcriptions of all of key parts.

These pieces all feature challenging elements, from the frantic 5/4 feel of ‘5ives’ to the swung funk feel of ‘Wonderful Slippery Thing’ and the variety of rhythmic-and polyrhythmic-qualities which make up ‘Ner Ner’. And within the walk-through lessons you’ll find a huge amount of help in mastering all of this, with patterns broken down, played slowly and gradually built up to performance speed.

Once you’ve mastered the pieces you can then play along to the backing tracks performing your interpretation of the parts, with each backing track also featuring a version without a click, allowing you to film and create the kinds of performances you see here.

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