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  • Genre: Funk
  • Level: Intermediate

What's included

  • 3 Tracks
  • Full Video Performances
  • Video Track Breakdowns
  • PDF Charts
  • MP3 Backing Tracks With Click
  • MP3 Backing Track Without Click

‘Funk Session’ – Pete Riley

Funk drumming can take on a variety of forms and in this first Funk Session we have three different funk styles. The first is a James Brown-style track featuring the horns and syncopation for which he’s known. Next is New Orleans inspired track that moves between a classic Second Line feel and a more backbeat orientated feel. The final piece is in a bluesy funk setting and features plenty of sixteenth-note syncopation.

The package should prove a fun challenge for any drummer, helping develop some essential time playing ideas and grooves. And as always you’re free to attempt to replicate the parts on the original or create your own interpretation of the tracks.

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