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  • Genre: Jazz Fusion
  • Level: Advanced

What's included

  • 3 Tracks
  • Video Performances
  • Video Track Breakdowns
  • Backing Tracks with click
  • Backing Tacks without click
  • PDF Charts
  • PDF Transcriptions of key parts

‘Odd Time Challenge’ – Pete Riley

As drummers most of us are intrigued by the challenge that odd time signatures present and this three track package offers an excellent way of developing the ability to groove, fill and solo in three different time signatures; 5-4, 7-8 and 9-8.

The pieces, written by Andy Staples, feature some demanding elements all of which are broken down on the video lesson and transcribed on the accompanying PDF’s. Each piece has both a PDF chart and a breakdown/transcription of the key grooves, fills and solos.


Also included in the package are the audio backing tracks enabling you to play along, with a backing track without click offering the opportunity to film yourself playing the track and replacing the ‘with click’ version to create your own performance video.

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