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  • Genre: Rock Fusion
  • Level: Intermediate

What's included

  • 4 Tracks
  • Full Video Performances
  • Video Track Breakdowns
  • PDF Transcriptions
  • MP3 Backing Tracks With Click
  • MP3 Backing Tracks Without Click

Soft-Synth Playalongs – Pete Riley

This package features 4 playalong tracks written by Guthrie Govan. The pieces cover a range of challenging and essential grooves including half-time shuffle, single-handed sixteenth note grooves etc and all with the emphasis on musicality.

The pieces were created when Guthrie was experimenting with writing using the soft-synths in Logic as an alternative to writing on guitar and yet despite the change in instrumentation Guthrie’s unique and creative ideas are ever present.

These tracks aren’t really about tour-de-force chops but rather about creating a part that compliments the music’s space, feel and groove.

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