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  • Genre: Metal
  • Level: Intermediate

What's included

  • 6 tracks in MP3
  • 6 tracks with click (no drums)
  • 6 tracks without click (no drums)
  • Full notation for each track

This Is Menace Play-Alongs – Jason Bowld


‘Metal Menace’ includes 6 play-along songs taken from the album ‘No End In Sight’ by This Is Menace. This critically acclaimed album featured guest vocalists from bands such as Hundred Reasons, Funeral For A Friend, Amen and Sikth. You’ll learn well orchestrated Metal drumming using odd time signatures, double-kick drumming, blistering fills and solid grooves.

Audio Tracks

Track Genre Tempo Length Price
Jason Bowld
Metal1103:04£1.99Buy £1.99
The Nameless
Jason Bowld
Metal1163:49£1.99Buy £1.99
Jason Bowld
Metal2003:35£1.99Buy £1.99
Jason Bowld
Metal1602:58£1.99Buy £1.99
Jason Bowld
Metal1852:53£1.99Buy £1.99
Jason Bowld
Metal1713:16£1.99Buy £1.99

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